Buy your chilli plug plants here.

We sell high quality plants of a fantastic selection of chilli and sweet pepper varieties.

Many chillies are unique to Sea Spring Seeds.

Dorset Naga, one of the hottest chillies in the world

The varieties include mild to superhot; spice to vegetable-type chillies.
Ordering is simple: no set packages, just order the variety you want, and the number you want.

- - Postage is a flat rate of £4.50  - -

(i.e. Monday to Thursday)

Orders made Thursday afternoon, Friday and on the weekend will be sent out the following Monday



31st May


For information on how to look after your plug plant(s) go to Gardener's Information.

If you want to buy seeds please go to

Chilli plug plant var. Fairy Lights Dorset Naga chilli plug plant
Chilli plug plants: Fairy Lights (left) and Dorset Naga (right)


Shows in May

We will be selling seeds and plug plants at the following shows.

A vegetable seed company run by gardeners for gardeners

collection of chiliies from Sea Spring Seeds


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