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Home of the Dorset Naga – one of the hottest chillies in the world

Dorset Naga, one of the hottest chillies in the world

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  • Convenient delivery time: delivery is late April/early May 2014 when the plants can go into an unheated greenhouse/polytunnel. But if you want an earlier delivery we will help out if we can.

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How many chillies can YOU grow on a chilli plant?

We are running two chilli growing competitions:

  • Who can grow the most chillies on a single chilli plant
Choose a productive, small-fruited variety and see what you can do. We have decided to use Rooster Spur, so will grow three plants in 20 litre pots; our target is 5,000 chillies! (but you don't have to beat us to win).

  • Who can grow the most chillies on a Dorset Naga plant

We are running this competition again due to popular demand. Last year Michael Price (of Prices Spices) won with a plant that produced 401 red chillies, a brilliant result. However, he didn't get close to our yield of 2,407 chillies picked off the 10 month old plant pictured below:

  Giant Dorset Naga chilli plant; does it have 1000 chillies?

For rules and more information click here.

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