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Sea Spring Seeds tunnels, home of the Dorset Naga Greenhouses at Sea Spring Seeds, home of the Dorset Naga

Tunnels and greenhouses at Sea Spring Farm


Sea Spring Plants is based at Sea Spring Farm, a specialist nursery overlooking the English Channel in West Dorset. The business is owned and managed by us, Michael and Joy Michaud, along side our other businesses, Sea Spring Seeds, a vegetable seed company; Peppers by Post, Britain’s first mail order chilli company; and Sea Spring Photos, a photo library for vegetable growing.

All plants offered by Sea Spring Plants are of chilli varieties that we  consider to be exceptional in their class. Several of them are varieties developed by us and are unique to Sea Spring Plants/Seeds.


Everything we sell we have grown and tasted. We run trials on our market garden and also ask other gardeners to try out promising varieties. In addition, all chillies that we sell we have had tested for heat level, so the SHU numbers quoted are all based on our own experience. Testing is an on-going process, and trials are done every year so that we can make improvements to the range we have on offer.


Together, we have been in the growing business for over thirty-five years. We started specialising in chillies in 1994, which as far as we know, means we were the first commercial chilli growers in Britain.

Unique varieties

We are plant-hunters and breeders, always on the lookout for new and exceptional varieties. The results of our work – such as Dorset Naga, one of the world’s hottest chillies – are on offer as plug plants this year, others will be available in future years. Check the plant shop for varieties currently available.


Dorset Naga, one of the hottest chilies in the world

Emily Martin at Sea Spring Seeds with a Dorset Naga plant

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