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• Chillies: spice-type

Chill plug plants (spice-types)

The spice chillies are generally small-fruited and thin-fleshed, and are usually hotter than the vegetable chillies. They are used to add heat and flavour to a dish, but contribute very little bulk. In addition, they are ideal for drying and milling into a powder. Some varieties are also very attractive and can be used as 'edible ornamentals', and do well as houseplants.

The varieties of spice chillies on offer (according to heat level) are:

Joe's Long Cayenne: 22,000 SHU
Stumpy: 27,000 SHU
NuMex Twilight: 30,000 SHU
Super Chile: 36,000 SHU
Fairy Lights: 47,000 SHU
Lemon Drop: 56,000 SHU
Purple Haze: 75,000 SHU
Spike: 97,000 SHU
Sparkler: 160,000 SHU
Rooster Spur: 179,000 SHU

Postage is a flat rate of £4.50  •  Delivery is late April/early May 2014

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Fairy Lights plug plant

A stunning example of an edible ornamental at its best.

Approximate heat level: 47,000 SHU

Exclusive to Sea Spring Seeds
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Joe's Long Cayenne plug plant

A medium hot cayenne with fruit that are fantastically long.

Approximate heat level: 22,000 SHU
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Lemon Drop plug plant

Attractive, bright yellow fruit with a lemon-like flavour.

Approximate heat level: 56,000 SHU
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NuMex Twilight plug plant

Colourful, hot and flavourful, the fruit are produced on bushy plants that grow well in pots.

Approximate heat level: 30,000 SHU
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Purple Haze plug plant

An extremely attractive, very hot cayenne chilli producing eye-catchingly dark lilac fruit.

Approximate heat level: 75,000 SHU

Exclusive to Sea Spring Seeds
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Rooster Spur plug plant

Short, bushy plants yielding thousands of very small, very hot fruit.

Approximate heat level: 179,000 SHU

Exclusive to Sea Spring Seeds
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Sparkler plug plant

Bushy, compact plants produce thin, upright and very hot chillies that change from pastel yellow to red as they mature.

Approximate heat level: 160,000 SHU

Exclusive to Sea Spring Seeds
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Spike plug plant


A bushy plant that produces a multitude of very hot and very thin, sharply-pointed, upright fruit.

Approximate heat level: 97,000 SHU

Exclusive to Sea Spring Seeds
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Stumpy plug plant

Compact, diminutive plants full of upright fruit that grow in bunches

Approximate heat level: 27,000 SHU

Exclusive to Sea Spring Seeds
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Super Chile plug plant

One of the easiest chillies to grow, Super Chile is early, high yielding and hot. Does well in pots. Recommended for beginners.

Approximate heat level: 36,000 SHU

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