• Chillies: veg-type

Plug plants: Vegetable-type chillies

Vegetable-type chillies are relatively large-fruited and thick-fleshed, and tend to be milder than the spice-type varieties. Because of their bulk, these chillies are used mostly as a vegetable, playing virtually the same culinary role as sweet peppers – they are ideal stuffed with meat, rice or cheese; chopped into salads or salsas; and cooked in stews, stir fries and omelettes.

Varieties of veg-type chillies on offer (according to heat level) are:

Mulato Isleno: very mild (not tested yet)
Thai Green Curry: very mild (not tested yet)
Tangerine Dream: 2,100 SHU
Hungarian Hot Wax: 6,000 SHU
Pimiento de Padron: 12,000 SHU
Tinkerbell: 13,000 SHU
Early Jalapeño: 33,000 SHU

(Scroll down to see pictures and details about individual varieties)

Postage is a flat rate of £4.50  •  Delivery late April/early May 2015

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Early Jalpeño plug plant

Medium-statured plants with hot (especially for a jalapeño), sausage-shaped fruit.

Approximate heat level: 33,000 SHU
[Product Details...]


Hungarian Hot Wax plug plant

An easy-to-grow, early maturing chilli that might be worth trying outdoors.

Approximate heat level: 6,000 SHU
[Product Details...]


Mulato Isleno Poblano plug plant

A poblano (also called 'ancho') chilli indispensable in Mexican cuisine. The fruit are large, heart-shaped and flavourful.

Approximate heat level: very mild
[Product Details...]


Pimiento de Padron plug plant

A popular chilli used in traditional Spanish tapas.

Approximate heat level: Immature fruit – the stage they are used in tapas – are almost heatless; mature fruit are 12,000 SHU.
[Product Details...]


Tangerine Dream plug plant

Round, thick-fleshed, very mild, tangerine-coloured chili that is perfect for stuffing.

Approximate heat level: 2,100 SHU

Exclusive to Sea Spring Seeds
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Thai Green Curry plug plant

A Thai variety that starts dark green and ripens to a deep red. Used to make Thai Green Curry green.

Approximate heat level: mild
[Product Details...]


Tinkerbell plug plant

Perhaps the oddest shaped pepper we sell – three or four wings spread out from the bottom of the fruit, giving the fruit a vaguely bell-like appearance.

Approximate heat level: 13,000 SHU
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