The plants are growing in 1 litre (13F) pots. They are sent out individually through the post – so if you order two plants you will receive two packages. Postage and packaging is included in the cost of the plant.  The chilli plants are now well grown, and all except the Dorset Naga have plenty of unripe fruit on them. Most of the Dorset Naga plants going out have one or two immature fruit on them.


Chilli var. Sparkler in a 1 litre pot NuMex Twilight chilli in a pot


Chilli plants in a 1 litre pot
vars. Sparkler (left) and NuMexTwilight (right) 


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(We do not accept orders from outside Britain)


Spice type chillies:

Superhot chillies:

(these are some of the hottest chillies in the world):

Heat analyses were conducted on chillies harvested in August or September from plants grown at Sea Spring Farm. These results are an indication only – the growing environment, as well as variety, affects the heat level.

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