Chilli growing COMPETITION

We challenge growers to see how many chillies they can grow on a Dorset Naga plant.

This competition is a test of growers' skills – Dorset Naga is not an easy variety to grow. But if you get it right the rewards of growing Dorset Naga are enormous; the chillies are amazing (heat and flavour-wise), and the plants are capable of being very productive – last year we got 2,407 chillies off a 10-month old Dorset Naga plant.

The winner will get a £20 voucher to use on our website. But if you beat our record of 2,407 red chillies we will double your prize!

If you wish to enter the competition, just let us know and give us your name and email address.

The Rules

  • The plant can be grown from seed or a plug plant, but it MUST be a Dorset Naga, so if you didn't get the seed from us you will have to tell us where the seed came from, and convince us it really is Dorset Naga (there are a lot of fakes around).
  • Any growing method can be used, i.e. it can be grown hydroponically, in a pot or in the ground.
  • Only red chillies count. They can be picked at any time, but every harvest must be recorded or they won't count. Last harvest date is 17th November 2014.
  • The plant must be under one year old on the last harvest date of 17th November.

This competition is based on trust. Keep records, take photos, do a video.

* * * * *

in 2013 we picked 2,407 ripe chillies (and a lot more unripe chillies) from one Dorset Naga plant. To see how we did it click here.

There is no reason anyone couldn't do the same or even better – the seed we sell is the same seed that we used to grow this plant.

1. Sowing/seeding stage: Sow early; germinate at around 27ºC. Keep the seedlings warm, with as much light as possible.

2. Growing Plant: Do not limit the plant's growth in any way, so give it plenty of:

  • Root space (the bigger the pot the better)
  • Light (no shading)
  • Water (but keep the compost/soil well drained)
  • Nurients
  • Warmth (ideal daytime temp is around 20-35ºC); conditions that are too hot or too cold restricts growth.

For more help on growing click here.

Dorset Naga plant loaded with chillies


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